Transit Panama Canal

Matthias, s/v Oceans, almost out of Panama Canal
Leo, transit is a success!
Yippee, s/v Oceans is out of the Panama Canal!!!
Miraflores Locks viewing station


Southbound to the Pacific, through the Panama Canal has been completed safely!  With some Excitement and Adventure, but no negative effects.  (Oh, My Gosh, we can’t believe the tug boat that was with us in the 2nd to last lock, went sideways, the current was Very strong.)  Fortunately, Rick was able to prevent us from colliding with the tug that was out of control.  (This was the same location where our previous accident occurred.)                     Thank YOU, JESUS!!!!

Inspirational Poem

By:  Amy Carmichael

“Our FATHER knows what is best for us, so why should we complain?  We always want the sunshine, but HE knows there must be rain.  We love the sound of laughter and the merriment of cheer, but our hearts would lose their tenderness if they never shed a tear.  For growing trees are strengthened when they withstand the storm, and the sharp cut of a chisel gives the diamond grace and form.

GOD never hurts us needlessly, and HE never wastes our pain.  For every loss HE sends to us is followed by rich gain.  And when we count the blessings that GOD so freely sent, we will find no cause for murmuring and no time to lament.  For our FATHER loves HIS children, and to HIM all things are plain, so HE never sends us pleasure when the soul’s great need is pain.  So whenever we are troubled and when every thing goes all wrong, we know GOD’s working in our hearts to make our spirit strong.”

Transit Day 2 , Canal transit gone wrong!

PSALM 112:7  “He will have no fear of bad news, his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.”

ISAIAH 41:10  “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your GOD.  I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with MY righteous right hand.”

The Panama Canal is an amazing piece of 1914 engineering.  It consists of 3 locks going up 85 feet to Lake Gatun and 3 locks going back down to sea level.  Rick had volunteered on another sailboat to learn the details prior to s/v Oceans transit.  All went Well.

Day 2 did not go as planned.  Our agent advised us that departure from the mooring ball would be  9am, so alarms were set for 7am, with plenty of time to have breakfast for all on board.   Well, when alarms went off, our advisor was boarding from the pilot boat.   After departing from mooring ball, we had to motor 5hours to the locks, the lake was beautiful.   Snacks, lunch & more snacks were served.  The 3 locks on the Pacific side have LOTS of current in them.  Instead of rafting/nestling up prior to entering the lock, and going as 1 unit.  This time we had to go in separately & then raft up.  It was next too the last lock that trouble tried to bring us to the bottom!  We entered the almost 1000 foot long lock with 2 boats ahead of us.  A steel empty tour boat that ties too the far end wall and a 40 foot mono hull sailboat that ties to the tour boat.  With a Very Strong Current and over 20 knots of wind both pushing us hard, the sailboat had some trouble and went sideways in the lock, but they had lines tied to the tour boat and recovered.  We need to move next to the sailboat and tie to it.  The wind & current are pushing us Very Hard, as we carefully approach.  The bow line was thrown to tie us as the current is trying to turn us sideways.  The line thrown was never tied to the boat before being thrown, so it went into the water.  Everything happened so quickly!  s/v Oceans was loose and heading too fast into the HUGE steel lock doors, the engines were put in reverse and we pulled back from the doors.  The current twists us sideways toward the concrete wall.  The starboard engine quits and we hit the wall!  The engine restarts just fine,(this is the 1st time it just quit).    Now, we try to get to the sailboat.  With still no bow line, a very fast thinking and acting man on the sailboat provided a line and we tied the bow and then worked the stern in close for line there as well.  Everyone was trying so hard to help!  Once we were secured completely, I ran too the starboard stern to access damage, one look at my face, told Rick it was not good.  We have a hole, water coming in….  During the next 15 mins., with some help, Rick was able to make a temporary patch and stop the water from coming in.  We went through the final lock & web cam, thus the picture shown. ( Compliments of Josh Johnson, thank you very much, we really appreciate this picture!)  We are in the Pacific!

In the Bahamas

Hello Everyone,

We the crew of s/v Oceans are out of the country!!

Rick & I did 3 hour watches, which means one of us is up for 3hours & the other sleeps for 3 hours, or at least try’s to rest  & then we switch.

Saw several cruise ships, during passage;  Carnival Conquest headed to St. Maarten, Celebrity Equinox to San Juan, Carnival Glory enroute to Half Moon Bay, Disney Magic back to Miami, Celebrity Summit enroute to Nassau, MSC Seaside to Antiqua.  With our AIS equipment we can id. ships & see some pretty cool stuff, how fast they are going, tonnage, etc.

The night sky was simply beautiful, the Moon & Uranus  were visible with lots of stars on my 1st watch, 1800-2100 hours. , (6-9pm).  The sky is  pretty amazing once you get out of sight of land & all the lights.  On another watch, I got to see Carnival Sensation heading to Grand Turk, with Jupiter & Mars in the night sky.

We arrived into a small anchorage off Rose Island, anchor down at 5:08pm, Sunday Night. Beautiful, Safe Trip.   Time to catch up on some sleep.  Nice to be back in the Bahamas.  Watercolors are spectacular.

We have checked in with Customs & Immigrations, now we are legal.  Working on improving our communication equipment, as we wait for weather window to sail to Haiti.

Hope to update again, soon.

Hello Family and Friends,

     We hope 2018 will prove to be a beautiful year for everyone.

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     We are currently in Florida, patiently awaiting a good weather window
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Rick & Teri-Jo Rogge
s/v Oceans