Planned Voyage

Here’s the plan!

The Coco Bandero Cays in San Blas Islands

We sail to lle a Vache, Haiti with our 4 pick-up truck loads of donations.


Then we press on to San Blas Islands and through the Panama Canal.


After that we set our compass for the South Pacific and Fiji.

Fiji, Fall of 2014

The Course

At Vimeo there is a 13 minute film, The Course. This was made 3 years ago by Audra Blake, she was a film student at University of North Carolina Wilmington. She approached me about doing a short film about me. I thought she was joking. I agreed if it could help promote those we were trying to help. Teri and I had joined Sea Mercy and were dreaming of our future, to help others on very remote islands , sail around the world, and leave a positive impact with those we met.