Memories from Haiti


We arrived in Port Antonio, March 8,2018 at 10:30am.

HAITI:  So beautiful, So heartbreaking.  Ile a Vache, Haiti 6miles off South Coast of Haiti, where we stayed with s/v Oceans.  It is described as the richest & nicest place in Haiti.  We believe this is true.  It is Very Poor.  Most of the people we dealt with were Very nice.  The evil ones were trying petty scams and offering lies for US Dollars.  The mountains, fields and farm animals were so beautiful, yet Very poor.

The Biggest Impact to us:  Orphanages.  Well over 50% are corrupt, money making schemes.  They tell poor parents that they will take care of their children.  That the children would be offered food, education, Great Health Care and the best opportunities for a Great life.  LIES!!!  The truth that hurts!  These orphanages are money making factories, babies and children are the slaves.  The owners get donations from foreign countries, the USA included, the children get to barely stay alive.  DO NOT DONATE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE!  Then there are the far worse orphanages, where children are treated as those previously mentioned, but also sold into slavery and Mostly for the sex slave trade.  Many children under the age of 5yrs old have been involved in sex acts, repeatedly.  We wanted to vomit.

There is HOPE!    We stood in a wonderful transition house with these children learning about the common abuses.   We had the good fortune to meet Morgan Weinberg, co-founder/Head of Haiti Operations.  We urge you to visit her website and hear her story.  She is the Hands and Feet of JESUS.  We were able to deliver thousands of pounds of donated cargo to Haiti, a large portion went to Morgan in Les Cayes, Haiti.

This delivery cost us a large amount of money, due to 1.5 years of delays.  The delays were beyond our control and created some high anxiety.  We are SO GLAD we stayed on course and fulfilled our commitment.  Only  by the Power of GOD!  We would like to ask two things of you:  1.  Check out her website.  2.  Make a Donation.