Merry Christmas

Joy to you and the world

Still in Florida, update from “chained to the dock, Rick & Teri”.

We were so close to leaving for Haiti with our friend Sequoia Sun and his crew…when our insurance company informed us that now they could not insure us in Haiti.  No How, No Way!  They always knew our plan to go there.

We are now into over a week long search for insurance for s/v Oceans to go to Haiti and around the world.

We had about 6 other things happen at almost the same time, that were departure stoppers or close to it.

This is rather hard!

Big dreams/goals don’t happen without big efforts.

We will succeed and we are happy to celebrate The Birth of Jesus Christ.

During this Beautiful, Joyful Season, may you feel and live with the Peace of Jesus Christ.

Love, Teri-Jo & Rick