Our Mission

Our inspiration for this trip, this life, happened when we went on a short term mission trip with our Church, Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC.

We went to Guatemala to build houses for orphans and widows, to install wood stoves and help feed children. It was a Fabulous Experience! When we returned and began too process what had occurred, Our simple thought of the events were, How could two regular people, like us, put out such a small effort too help others and have such a massive impact? We went for 10 days. The impact of the 10days work would change people’s lives and their children forever. WOW!!! We were blown away. The questions began. How could we multiple this many times over? Thank You, God!

We started with simple basic questions. What experience do we have that could be helpful? What do we enjoy doing? What resources do we have?

Rick was a developer and general contractor in the housing industry. Teri is a Registered Dental Hygienist. We both love to sail and travel. We decided we could use our sailing experience to help those in very remote areas, but how?

We needed a plan!

Our plan started with the planting of a seed in our souls. We are not sure where it will end, but we are sure our efforts are strong all the way to our soul, where the seed was planted.

We considered creating a web based sailors information source. Sailor’s would be able to log on and sign up to help where ever they might be sailing too. At this time, Teri and our good friend Dave Lawn, both found this non-profit, Sea Mercy. They were already doing what the three of us wanted to do. Dave & Rick flew to Oregon to meet with the founder, Rich Hackett. Rich is a wonderful man and his core values were in line with ours. We joined Sea Mercy. Dave started getting his boat ready to go. We had no boat and no idea how we would make these dreams come true. We wanted this even more! We flew to Fiji in 2014 to spend a month serving with Sea Mercy, seeing what and how we would be doing. We wanted this even more! During the next 2years we sold everything we owned and bought a sailing catamaran. This past year we have spent getting her ready and ourselves.