Panama Canal Transit procedures

Admeasurement- process of determining the tonnage of a vessel.  The official comes out to the boat and physically measures the boat’s length including bowsprits, davits or any other protrusions.  The Admeasurer will inspect the vessel for transit requirements:  4 mooring lines not less than 38 meters (125 feet) long, 4 line handlers in addition to the Captain; anchor, adequate fenders to keep vessel away from the lock wall under turbulent conditions.  The final requirement is that the Pilot or Advisor be fed lunch, snacks and drinks, food must be hot, no sandwiches…

We the Crew at s/v Oceans decided to hire an agent to facilitate with all recommended procedures, plus we don’t speak Spanish.  Note to self:  Learn Spanish and French.

For more information on the canal, visit,  Rick & Josh volunteered as line handlers on a 37 ft sailboat to go through the canal for some experience.

There are webcams for family to watch from anywhere in the world.  But, they are not real time & tend to be blurry, but, still pretty cool to see.