Transit Panama Canal, Day 1

The Panama Canal was carved through one of the narrowest and lowest saddles of the long, mountainous isthmus that joins the North and South American continents.  We enter at the port of Cristobal on the Atlantic side and exit at the Port of Balboa on the Pacific side.  There are 3 locks on each side of the lake, which is called Gatun Lake.

Today we are scheduled to through the 1st 3 locks that are connected together, into Gatun Lake.  We will go up 85 feet.  We spend the night in the lake.  In the morning, 5 hours across the lake.  Then down 3 locks that are connected together.  There s/v Oceans & crew will be in the Pacific.  Yippee!

Crew on board:  Rick & Myself, Mathais & 2 volunteer line handlers, Raf & Juana.

Check out:   There are webcams of the activities in the locks, so anyone in the world can watch.  At this point we are scheduled to go through at 1730hr, 5:30 pm Central Time.  If anyone is able to take screen shots of us, we would be Very Happy!!  s/v Oceans will possibly be rafted with a monohaul on each side of us.