Tropical Tragedy gets a Good Ending!

Sequoia is our friend & Haiti connection.  He has made many trips to Ile a Vache, Haiti, without theft problems.  Unfortunately, that just changed this past week.  Fortunately, people donated to help out!  We are currently driving to Cape Coral to pick up a engine for s/v Tandameer.  We will deliver the engine along with all our other donations on board s/v Oceans, as soon as the weather clears.  Ed Ricci donated 150 watt solar panel to be taken to Haiti.  Thank You, Ed.


December 28, 2017

My heart is broken. Well not really, but it feels like it: I feel betrayed, hurt, angry, sad, all the heartbreak symptoms. Last night some desperate poor Haitian man or two swam out to Tandemeer, cut the line to our 10’ Caribe dinghy, took it ashore and stole the 15 HP Nissan 4 stroke outboard motor that I bought new last year. It is our main form of transportation to and from the boat. The boat is our home, the dinghy and motor are our vehicle to get from home to everywhere we go. Yes I can do The Work and forgive them, and come to love them and what is, and yes I can understand that they are desperate and they see me and all Blancs on yachts who show up here as rich beyond anything they can imagine or hope for. Yes, eventually I will find the money to buy another motor and find one somewhere (not here… either unavailable or too expensive). But right now I am left feeling betrayed and hurt and sad and angry. I could feel righteous indignation: “after all we have done for them, this is how they repay us… etc.” My first reaction was to blame everyone, to say “no more help for them… I am going to leave and not come back.” But that would not be fair or justified as most people are grateful, and receive the benefit of the jobs we create and gifts we bring. It was not the women and children who have to carry water by hand every day who stole our motor. They will still appreciate the running water from the pumps we are installing. A few days ago we gave dozens of boxes of medical supplies to the free clinic so they can have health care. It is ironic, as over the last three years I have brought and given away four outboard motors to people who need them. Today we were planning to give out 30 or 40 sails to the fishermen who need them so they can catch fish to feed their families. But right now I am feeling hurt and sad. I will get over it and come back to feeling love and acceptance soon. I know that love is really all there is and all that matters. I wish you all love and peace, and even look forward to forgiving the men who stole our motor this morning.