UPDATE 2.10.18

As we try to remain positive, we sit in Las Olas Marina in Fort Lauderdale . We had a mechanical issue that needed to have new parts ordered.  They won’t be in until the beginning of next week.

Our single side band radio, (SSB) is not working!  Now, even though most boaters say, this is “Old School”.  We had a personal experience,when we were crossing the Pacific with our friend, David Lawn.  A couple on a sinking  sailboat, lives were saved because of their SSB.  We will Not cross the Pacific without our’s working!

Hope to have ability to cross over the gulf stream, later this week.

Since there are many, many, more boat chores that need to be done,  IE: heads (toilet’s) fixed, wind instrument replaced, new MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) , updated information for AIS (Automatic Identification System).  There is always more boat chores, we are taking advantage of this time to knock things off the list.